Stained-glass doors

In virtue of the stained-glass panels, the door might be a bright and unique element of the interior. Today the doors with the stained-glass windows are becoming more popular. They are amazing with a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, themes and materials. Stained glass itself can be compared with the canvas. It can be made in any style and art direction.

To reveal the beauty of stained-glass, it is necessary to consider some nuances when installing doors. It is well-known that stained-glass is especially magnificent in the sunlight. Therefore, we advise to install the door opposite the window where the sunbeams could animate the stained-glass and give the room a special atmosphere and comfort. Such doors visually expand the space, make the interior lighter and larger. They are perfect for small rooms.

Stained-glass inserts are made on the original sketches. In fact, they are the pictures framed by the door leaf. You can order a sketch of any subject and style, as well as, come up with your own ones. The artist will suggest several options at your request.